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BBC FARCE: author encourages kids to rewrite Cinderella so it is more GENDER EQUAL

THE BBC has come in for criticism after showing an author encouraging children to rewrite Cinderella to make it more gender equal. Jeanette Winterson is an award-winning English writer, best-known for her first book Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit….
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David Attenborough “We shouldn’t have had a vote on the EU because voters aren’t wise enough”

Eurosceptic MP Liam Fox blasted the EU for wasting public money

Naturalist risks enraging millions with his comments Sir David Attenborough said the Brexit vote has created a ‘mess’ in Britain His comments could enrage millions as he said the UK is not ‘wise’ enough Critics have accused the 90-year-old TV…
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Former fire station undisturbed since the 1960s rediscovered by curious workers

With a hose coiled in the corner and uniforms hung up along the wall, it looks as though firefighters have only just left this station. A fire station was installed in the basement of a munitions factory in Dudley in…
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Viewers are ‘sickened’ by Louis Theroux’s new Jimmy Savile documentary claiming he was ‘duped’ by the paedophile 14 years ago

Viewers have been left feeling ‘shocked’ and uncomfortable by a new Louis Theroux documentary, which revisits his relationship with Jimmy Savile in a bid to understand how he was duped by the paedophile presenter. Louis Theroux: Savile aired on BBC2…
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BBC wastes £8million of licence payers money on taxi fares in one year!

SCANDALOUS: It is reported that in one day alone £20K was forked out ferrying staff around

BBC wastes £8million of licence payers money on taxi fares in one year! The figures, obtained via a Freedom of Information request, showed the broadcaster spent another £262 taking an engineer from Oxfordshire to London for a Christmas Day shift….
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BBC’s Evan Davis criticises Hungarian minister for saying London is ‘NO-GO’ zone due to migrants


HUNGARY’S foreign minister has defended a leaflet delivered to voters in the Central European nation saying there are “no-go zones” in the United Kingdom, which non-migrants cannot enter. Newsnight presenter Evan Davies slammed Peter Szijjarto, accusing his government of promoting…
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Today tanks old and new were honoured at a special event in London, with a First World War replica Mark IV vehicle taking centre stage alongside a modern Challenger 2 behemoth

Today’s digitally-equipped supertanks which can take out targets two miles away owe it all to their ancestors which first rolled into battle at walking pace 100 years ago Today marks the 100th anniversary of the first ever use of the…
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