Monthly Archive: November 2011

The ‘secret’ app installed on millions of Mobile phones that records your keystrokes, your browsing and reads your messages

Over the past few months, Google’s Android phones have been subjected to increased attacks by malicious software. But it seems millions already come with spy software ‘pre-installed’. Carrier IQ – a software package often used by US phone networks to…
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Pat Condell: The gathering storm (The Collapse of the EU)

Another great video blog by Pat,

Austin-Healey racing car at centre of 1955 Le Mans disaster that killed 84 set to sell for £1m

An Austin-Healey racing car involved in the worst crash in motor sport history is set to sell for nearly £1million. The disaster at the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1955 saw 84 people killed after the car was clipped by…
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‘Jet Man’ Flies In Formation Over Alps

A self-styled “jet man” has performed another death-defying stunt – flying alongside two Albatross aircraft above the Swiss Alps. Adventurer Yves Rossy flew in a custom-built jet suit over the mountain range in formation with the aircraft. Rossy, 51, launched…
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Salford BNP Finds Out Why All The So Called Asylum Seekers Are Coming To Britain

Ever wondered why all these third world parasites keep coming here through countless safe countries. Genuine Asylum Seekers after all would stay in the first safe port but not the ones who come here. They get everything from bills paid…
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