Britain Crowned World’s Top Football/Soccer Freestyler

A British teenager has been crowned the world freestyle football champion after wowing judges with his impeccable ball skills.

Andrew Henderson, from Cornwall, beat rivals from Brazil, Spain and Japan to win the inaugural World Freestyle Football Championships (WFFC) Tour in Kuala Lumpur.

The 19-year-old smashed his way through four intense rounds of freestyle football battles, defeating France’s Gautier Fayolle in the final.

The judges were impressed by his routine which combines juggling, gymnastics and break dancing.

“This has been the most incredible experience of my life,” he said after his victory. “I have trained so hard for this moment.”

The event in Malaysia attracted the world’s top 16 freestyle footballers and was broadcast live to 12 million people in South East Asia.

Andrew Henderson

But it was not the first time the three-time UK champion has been in the international spotlight.

In 2009, he won the prestigious UK Red Bull Street Style Championships, which saw him represent Britain at the World Championships in South Africa.

Speaking to Sky News, he said the key to his success is “a lot of practice”.

The teenager spends five hours a day, five days a week developing new stunts and perfecting his routines.

He said freestyle was a “completely different” sport to football, adding the only similarity is using the same type of ball.