Greece on brink as country holds Referendum

GREEK voters go to the polls today to decide its future as the country faces exit from the eurozone and widespread social chaos. Greeks are voting on whether to accepts the terms of an international bailout, in a decision that…
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Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary ‘bullies’ cop over Help for Heroes wristband

HATE preacher Anjem Choudary has been filmed bullying a police officer for wearing a Help for Heroes wristband. The Muslim fanatic taunts the beat bobby, telling him he should not display the band in aid of Brit soldiers because it sets a “political…
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‘Islam-leaning UK politicians openly forecast complete takeover of British politics’ – ex-EDL leader

Arab spring refugee tide has made the immigration issue yet more stretching for the European governments. In some towns the indigenous population is already in the minority. Can migrants overflow breed new fascism? Will Islam win politically? What has to…
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Muslim ‘Star’ Tory candidate plotted to stage fake EDL demo in cynical bid to win votes

A key Tory Election candidate was suspended last night after plotting with the EDL to stir up racial hatred (Islam isn’t a race mind) in a cynical bid to win votes. Afzal Amin hatched a scheme to persuade the English…
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BBC gives Jihadi John apologist airtime, he said killer was a ‘beautiful man’ sparks new outrage after refusing to condemn stoning of women

The hard-line leader of the Muslim rights group who defended ISIS executioner Mohammed Emwazi has sparked further outrage after repeatedly refusing to condemn the stoning women. Asim Qureshi, the director of Cage, was last night quizzed about extremist positions advocated…
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Unelected Muslim Baroness Warsi gave official roles to fellow Muslims with links to Islamist groups

The Muslim abusing her position and trying to preach to everyone that Islam is peaceful, yea right

Another Muslim that was made Peer because she couldn’t get elected! Entryism, the favourite tactic of the 1980s’ Militant Tendency, is when a political party or institution is infiltrated by groups with a radically different agenda. Since Militant’s Trotskyites were…
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