Eerie Pictures Of An Abandoned Sex Motel Thought To Be Haunted By Ghosts

A SERIES of eerie photographs reveal the dishevelled remains of an abandoned sex motel thought to be haunted by ghosts.

Previously known as a rendezvous for secret lovers’ meetings and a discrete place to hide extramarital affairs, the desolate Fuurin Motel, in Tokyo, Japan, lies perfectly preserved.

This incredible photo series shows the abandoned Fuurin Motel in Japan

The by-the-hour ‘Love Motel’ hasn’t been touched since it closed 17 years ago

Guests checking-in to the ‘Love Motel’ had their choice of ten quirky bedrooms each individually themed such as the Medieval suite with a full suit of armour and a carriage-shaped bed.

Other rooms – which were available to rent by the hour – were dressed in a Greek theme, or decorated as a Traditional Japanese Ryokan and they all came with their own dining rooms and bathrooms.

Each of the rooms came with its own theme like Greek or Medieval

Ducth photographer Bob Thissen, captured the eerie images while exploring the building

It is rumoured that the hotel is now inhabited by ghosts who prowl the hotel’s decaying corridors after it closed 17 years ago and locals are too afraid to go into the “haunted” property because of the paranormal presence.

Photographer from Herleen, Netherlands, said: “There is a myth that Japanese ghosts live in abandoned buildings, I think it may scare people into not entering or vandalising this abandoned building.

“I think they really do stay away, because most locations stay untouched for many years with only natural decay.

“I heard that most Japanese people stay away from abandoned buildings because of the ghosts or spirits, it is believed they hang around abandoned buildings.

“It’s really different to other hotels, it was an exciting and at the same time a bit weird to explore this motel.

Locals near the Fuurin Motel in Tokyo avoid the building as they believe it may be haunted

The desolate Fuurin Motel was previously known as a secret lover’s rendezvous and a place for extra-marital affairs

“There’s a medieval room, a Greek room, a ryokan traditional Japanese room and some others.

“But the room I liked the most was the medieval room, a really extravagant suite with a carriage and suit of armour.

“It’s something you don’t see every day, I think it’s the most extravagant hotel or motel I’ve been to.

“Japanese couples would have gone there to have some privacy which they didn’t have at home and often you would rent these rooms by the hour.”

Bob travels around Europe photographing derelict buildings

Photographer Bob Thissen said: “It’s really different to other hotels, it was an exciting and at the same time a bit weird to explore this motel.”

Bob makes a habit of photographing the uninhabitable as he has spent the last ten years touring around Europe, capturing snaps of derelict buildings.

The urban explorer says Japan is one of his favourite places to explore as the buildings are preserved and respected.

Bob sad: “I also liked the various amount of decay, some rooms are in a pretty good condition while others are completely decayed.

“Japanese people have way more respect for abandoned buildings than in Western countries, so it is preserved better.

“Even objects barely move around, for that I love exploring in Japan.”