Mugabe torturer who pulled out man’s teeth with pliers granted asylum in Britain

An asylum seeker who worked as a torturer for the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe will not be deported – because of concerns for his safety if he returns home.

Phillip Machemedze smashed a man’s jaw with pliers before extracting his teeth, one of his many victims while working for Zimbabwe’s notorious Central Intelligence organisation.

  • HIV positive henchman and sick wife treated at taxpayers’ expense
  • Human Rights Act prevents deportation

He also gave electric shocks to a white farmer, whipped a woman before pouring salt in her wounds and took part in the ‘slow’ killing of one of Mugabe’s political opponents, a newspaper reported today.

Victims: Machemedze was responsible for killing and maiming Zimbabweans, including one whose teeth were pulled out with pliers (file picture)

But thanks to the Human Rights Act, HIV positive Machemedze and his wife Febbie, 40, who also has the disease, will continue to live and be treated in Britain at the taxpayers’ expense.

At an asylum appeal hearing in Newport, South Wales, Mr Justice David Archer said Machemedze was ‘deeply involved in savage acts of extreme violence’.

The tribunal also heard that some of the tortures’ were too gruesome to recount’.

He added: ‘Whatever crimes her has committed he cannot be returned to face the highly likely prospect of torture and execution without trial, the Sun reported.

Kate Hoey, Labour MP and head of the Commons All Party Group on Zimbabwe, said: ‘This is a shocking decision. Asylum is for people who are at risk from despots, not for people like him.’

Torture: Machemedze worked for Robert Mugabe's notorious Central Intelligence Organisation where he tortured opponents of the Zimbabwe leader

Machemedze and his wife moved to Britain in 2000 and 2001 respectively, leaving behind their three children in Zimbabwe who have not been harmed.

The pair, who live in Fishponds, Bristol, arrived in Britain on six-month visas.

Stuck for words on this. ¬†What he’s done should mean he’s locked up yet he’s allowed to travel through x-amount of ‘safe’ countries to get here and then have a asylum appeal hearing.

I was led to believe a genuine asylum seeker should claim asylum at the first safe country

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