Muslim School Lads Allowed To Grow Beards But White Lad With Skin Condition Isn’t

This is another example of one rule for them and another for us, the natives here!.

A lot of fuzz about nothing? Schoolboy, 15, banned from class for refusing to shave off his beard ‘due to skin condition’

A schoolboy has been banned from class and put into isolation after he refused to shave off his beard.

Harrison Cerami’s mum Kerry claims the 15-year-old is unable to shave regularly because of a skin complaint.

But the head teacher at his school in Clitheroe, Lancs, has refused to back down – despite Mrs Cerami’s claim that Muslim boys are allowed beards on religious grounds (Nothing in their religion says this).

Mrs Cerami, 41, who runs an online children’s clothes boutique, is furious about the school’s treatment of 6ft 2in Harrison – known as Harry.

She said: ‘There are children at that school with earrings, nose rings, eyebrow piercings, yet Harry’s being singled out for having a beard. He’s hit puberty and is a big lad who looks like a man. He is being penalised for growing up.

‘Before he went back to school after a week’s work experience, we took him to a proper barbers to get his beard trimmed and shaped so he looked really smart.

‘There are Muslim boys at the school with beards, but Harry is not allowed one because this is not a religion issue (Neither are theirs). He’s just a good looking, hairy lad that wants to have a nice, trimmed beard.

Furious: Harrison's mum Kerry is angry the teenager was put in isolation for turning up at school with a beard

‘He would have to shave every day and it would cause him real problems because he suffers from acne.’
She added: ‘I could perhaps understand the isolation punishment for something more serious, but to be put into a small room for a whole day is disgraceful’

‘Harry feels like he’s in prison. If this carries on, we’ll just keep him off school for the last two weeks.
‘Harry was furious. It was such an overreaction.’
Ribblesdale School, in Clitheroe, has told Kerry that Harry must obtain a doctor’s note if there is a genuine medical reason preventing him from shaving.
Harry was told to shave on Wednesday and after he attended school with the beard the next day, he was put into isolation. Head teacher Simon Smith said the policy for boys was that they attend clean shaven.

The school’s uniform policy does not specifically mention beards but states: ‘Hairstyles must be neat and tidy and avoid extremes of colour and style.’

Kerry received a letter from the head which said: ‘I’m writing to let you know that last week I asked Harrison to come back to school after his week’s work experience placement clean shaven.

‘Our policy for boys is that they attend school clean shaven.’ And in an earlier letter to parents sent out in April, Mr Smith outlined his stance on uniform and appearance – and frustration with those who did not abide by the rules.

‘I believe that a smart school uniform sets high standards and expectations for the pupils and is also a very public statement about us, as a school, within the community,’ he explained

‘It is often the ‘small things’ which make the biggest impression: make up; jewellery; hairstyle/colour…

‘For pupils who persistently challenge the uniform standards, we will use the full range of sanctions available to us which may also involve parents coming into school to discuss any issues I, or other staff, may have.’

Ribble Valley Council leader Michael Ranson backed the school and said: ‘As far as I am concerned if the school has a rule and that rule is quite clear, then pupils should abide by them.’(unless their Muslim of course 😉 )

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    So….. no change there then.
    More pandering & appeasement to the “religion of peace”.

  • sneaky

    I wonder if they have this sort of trouble in Denmark, the home of Danish bacon. 

    • The Salfordian

      Denmark has a bigger problem than us because of it’s size and population, Muslims are swarming them –

      • sneaky

        It’s a dambed pity we can’t use pest control to get rid of these cockroaches.

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    racists tw*&s………………..

    • The Salfordian

      OFSTED isn’t going to do anything, the establishment bends over for Islam

  • venomas uchiha

    first of all if you study the sunnah in islam you will discover that you are wrong its not forced in the religion but saying its not in their religion shows your lack of knowledge