‘Spider-Man’ Alain Robert Eyes Up Shard Climb

A court injunction banned him from climbing it last year – but he is still hoping to get permission to scale the tower.

The so-called French “Spider-Man” is well-known for climbing some of the world’s tallest and most iconic landmarks.

And now he has set his sights on London’s Shard – the highest building in the European Union.

Alain Robert told us that he was trying to get permission to scale the 1,016ft tower, which opened earlier this year, and was hoping to “meet the guy in two days”.

It comes after the Shard’s owners were granted a High Court injunction last December stopping him going up amid health and safety fears.

Mr Robert, who has previously scaled landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and New York’s Empire State Building, visited the Shard that month to assess its potential for a future ascent.

He was recognised by security personnel, and reportedly told them he would not be climbing the building at that time.

London Bridge Quarter (LBQ), the Shard’s owners and developers, said: “The injunction prohibits Mr Robert from entering the Shard site or attempting to climb the building.

“Mr Robert has been witnessed in the vicinity of the Shard and as LBQ Ltd takes its responsibility to health and safety extremely seriously we have sought to prevent Mr Robert from attempting to climb the Shard – in the interest of his own safety and that of the general public.”

He has been arrested several times in the past after going up buildings without prior approval but he said these days nearly 70% of his attempts are “completely official”.

Mr Robert said: “Sometimes people think I’m a criminal and that it’s impossible to do something official with me but it’s totally wrong.”

He admitted he still suffered from vertigo, adding: “There’s nearly nothing you can do except live with it and handle it as much as you can.”