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BBC FARCE: author encourages kids to rewrite Cinderella so it is more GENDER EQUAL

THE BBC has come in for criticism after showing an author encouraging children to rewrite Cinderella to make it more gender equal. Jeanette Winterson is an award-winning English writer, best-known for her first book Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit….
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Islamic sect lived underground with children for decade

A cruel religious sect kept 27 children locked away in dark and unheated underground cells – some for a decade. (Scroll down for video) The youngsters, aged from one to 17, have never seen daylight and have now been rescued…
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Video: Toddler survives fall onto busy road from moving car

A four-year-old girl has miraculously survived after falling out of a moving car right before the wheels of another one. The incident took place at a busy crossroads in Wenzhou city in China’s southeastern Zhejiang province. A traffic camera video…
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