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Former fire station undisturbed since the 1960s rediscovered by curious workers

With a hose coiled in the corner and uniforms hung up along the wall, it looks as though firefighters have only just left this station. A fire station was installed in the basement of a munitions factory in Dudley in…
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Vast Tunnels under New York That Time Forgot

Incredible photographs reveal the hidden world of construction beneath New York’s Second Avenue as workers press ahead with the $17billion subway line ‘that time forgot’ The MTA recently released never-before-seen photos of construction underground on the Second Avenue Subway line….
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Toddler Rescued After Falling Into Deep Well

A two-year-old boy has been rescued after falling down a 12m-deep dry well that was only 30cm wide in China. Firefighters were called after the toddler fell down the hole in the village of Mengzi in Yunnan province. Although the…
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