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Viewers are ‘sickened’ by Louis Theroux’s new Jimmy Savile documentary claiming he was ‘duped’ by the paedophile 14 years ago

Viewers have been left feeling ‘shocked’ and uncomfortable by a new Louis Theroux documentary, which revisits his relationship with Jimmy Savile in a bid to understand how he was duped by the paedophile presenter. Louis Theroux: Savile aired on BBC2…
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Quarter of babies born in hospital in England and Wales has a foreign mother – and it’s costing the NHS a fortune but making it easier for the Lib-Lab-Con control us

A record one in four of all babies born in England and Wales last year had a foreign mother, it was revealed today. The problem of controlling those pesky “Little Englanders” will soon be solved!. Well that’s what the Socialists…
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