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Eerie Pictures Of An Abandoned Sex Motel Thought To Be Haunted By Ghosts

A SERIES of eerie photographs reveal the dishevelled remains of an abandoned sex motel thought to be haunted by ghosts. Previously known as a rendezvous for secret lovers’ meetings and a discrete place to hide extramarital affairs, the desolate Fuurin…
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Almost intact carcass of 300,000-year-old woolly mammoth found by 11-year-old boy

Young boys are often keen to go off exploring close to where they live, digging around in the hope they’ll make an extraordinary discovery. But when one 11-year-old Russian boy decided to explore his local neighborhood, he came across something…
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Farmer Jailed Over ‘Horrific’ Animal Cruelty

A farmer has been sentenced to 12 months in prison in “the most horrific” case of animal cruelty trading standards officers in Nottinghamshire have ever had to deal with. (Scroll down for video) Keith Littlewood, 47, admitted four breaches of…
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