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Lawyers demand BBC releases leaked report on RBS case clients

Lawyers representing businesses suing Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have demanded that the BBC releases part of a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) report into the lender’s Global Restructuring Group (GRG), which was leaked to the broadcaster. The so-called skilled person’s…
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Scotland’s First Minister: We’ll get the oil you’ll get RBS debt

ALEX Salmond has risked outrage by insisting an independent Scotland would take 90 per cent of the UK’s oil revenues — but hardly any of its debts. The Scottish First Minister added the country should NOT pick up the tab…
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British Taxpayers Being Used To Bail Out Other Failed Socialist Countries

The UK national debt is the total amount of money the British government owes to the private sector and other purchasers of UK gilts. UK public sector net debt was £867.2 billion. (or 57.6% of National GDP) – note this…
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