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How the ‘impartial’ BBC has kept up a relentless attacks on the Tories: 15 examples of the anti-Tory bias during the campaign so far

At election time, more than any other time, we expect our national broadcaster to be impartial. After all, it is funded by a tax on all television owners and, like all broadcasters, is subject to rules on impartiality. Sadly, the…
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An answer to the BBC licence fee: don’t pay it!

These days, with DVDs and the internet, there’s not a huge need for television In a recent Spectator column, Charles Moore referred to the BBC licence fee as “the most regressive and most ruthlessly collected of all government imposts”, and…
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Free choice of meals, telly, DVDs and Xbox: Gordon Ramsay’s fury at cosy British jails where prisoners enjoy an ‘easy’ life

Fiery television chef Gordon Ramsay has launched a scathing attack on Britain’s jails, claiming criminals have it easy behind bars. The outspoken Scot said he was ‘astounded’ to find prisoners enjoyed perks such as a gym, DVDs, games consoles and…
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