Toddler Rescued After Falling Into Deep Well

A two-year-old boy has been rescued after falling down a 12m-deep dry well that was only 30cm wide in China.

Firefighters were called after the toddler fell down the hole in the village of Mengzi in Yunnan province.

Although the well contained no water it was still a difficult process to hoist the child out of the concrete well.

A hose attached to a canister was rigged up to pump oxygen to the bottom as the rescue operation got under way.

After failing several times to pull him up, rescuers lowered down a phone stuck to a rope with tape to give the young boy instructions.

He was eventually lifted safely out of the well and taken straight to hospital.

The boy was not seriously hurt, but did sustain some bruises after the fall.

This is not the first time a young child has fallen down an abandoned well in China.

In October, a small boy was saved in Shandong province.